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Managing Workplace Conflict - Now That Millennials Are in the Mix
What happens when you mix millennials into a workforce composed of baby boomers and Gen Xers? More often than not, the answer is conflict. Managers are searching for answers, trying to understand what makes this generation so different from previous generations and how they can help them bridge generational differences, and in the process improve organizational productivity.   

In this 60 minute program, we use a tool called the TKI Conflict Mode Assessment to communicate more effectively during conflict. If you would like to complete the TKI, please contact me!
Coping with Change - Acheive Greater Work Life Balance
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The Coping with Change program is based upon years of experience and effective methods to create a plan for coping with change and achieving greater work life balance. There is no doubt about it. Change is constant and the pace at which the world around us is changing is increasing. The ability to cope with change and become resilient can be practiced and learned.
This course provides practical guidance and worksheets for understanding your own reactions to change, assessing your readiness for the change ahead of you, and moving forward with a plan for building your own personal resilience and achieving greater work life balance. It's critical in times of change to ensure that you are able to stay engaged and inspired about the future.

Coaching for the Millennial Generation Using the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Assessment

What makes the Millennial Generation different from those of previous generations? Are you seeing a shift in the way they approach career choices?  Whis it important to understand the current research on generational differences?  

This recorded live webinar will allow you to appreciate generational differences and their impact on career choices and career development. You will also learn some of the skills Millennials need to develop to be successful in the workplace. Learn how to leverage the Myers Briggs Personality Type in your coaching sessions and help all generations communicate effectively.  

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Setting Powerful Performance Expectations & Providing Effective Feedback
The Setting Powerful Performance Expectations & Providing Effective Feedback program is based upon years of experience and effective methods to establish meaningful performance goals and communicate feedback that will help employees achieve higher performance results.  There is a clear link between communicating clear performance expectations, continuous feedback, and employee motivation and productivity.  The ability to set challenging, but realistic goals and deliver feedback well is critical to your success as a leader. This 30 minute course includes downloadable templates and job aids for reviewing and writing goals, tips on providing effective feedback, practicing your communication skills and creating an action plan for your success.